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Phil Naessens Show: Thunder outlook, and what happened to James Harden vs the Spurs?

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Listen to this week’s show as we get caught up to speed on the NBA playoffs!

© Troy Taormina | 2017 May 7

We are approaching the penultimate round of the playoffs which will define our Finals contestants. Are we in for Warriors vs Cavaliers, part III? It sure looks like it. But before we get that far, Phil Naessens and I have a thing or two to break down in this special playoffs show. Among other things, he lets me dig into my James Harden conspiracy theory, prognosticate about what will happen to Andre Roberson, and whether or not Playoff LeBron carries weight in the regular season MVP.

From Phil:

On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show Welcome to Loud City Managing Editor J.A. Sherman joins Phil to discuss possible reasons for James Harden’s playoff performances, San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriors, who in the Eastern Conference can beat LeBron James, Oklahoma City Thunder Free Agents and trade possibilities and much more NBA talk.