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Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook shines light on upcoming contract extension situation video

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Following a defining season, will Westbrook sign another lucrative off-season contract with the Thunder?

NBA: Playoffs-Oklahoma City Thunder at Houston Rockets Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Following a historic season, during Wednesday's Oklahoma City Thunder exit interviews Russell Westbrook stated "Oklahoma City is the place I want to be."

While the Thunder was eliminated recently in a rugged five-game series vs. Houston, and finished the regular-campaign 47-35, during his podium appearance OKC’s MVP candidate left open the possibility of signing a blockbuster extension this summer with Oklahoma City.

Determined to lead his franchise in the wake of Kevin Durant’s immediate departure, Westbrook agreed to terms August 4, 2016 on a current three-year $85.7 million deal with the Thunder.

Though, under the new CBA framework, Presti will be able to offer the single-season triple-double leader a $220 million extension this off-season.

Per ESPN.Com’s Royce Young

Westbrook can sign another (extension) in the ballpark of $220 million over five years this summer. Westbrook is signed through the 2017-18 season, with a player option on the following year, but the Thunder would obviously like to have a longer commitment from their franchise player.

Obviously, if Westbrook refuses an early agreement, speculation of his leaving via player-option or trade will mirror the Kevin Durant situation.

Although, considering Westbrook’s franchise loyalty, and in wake of his recent positive exit interview comments, there is no reason to indicate such a scenario will arise.

At 28 years of age, in addition to breaking Oscar Roberson’s single-season triple-double mark, the 6’3 guard became the first player since Roberson to average a seasonal triple-double.

By virtue of these efforts, along with his second scoring title, Westbrook has boldly entered this year’s contentious MVP discussion.

If Westbrook re-signs, expect General Manager Sam Presti to diligently pursue additional complimentary pieces.