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Odds stacked against the Thunder; can they deliver?

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The Thunder are long shots. Really long shots. But they may have the guy to lead them back.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Houston Rockets - Game One Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Thunder, now down 0-2 in their series vs the Rockets, are causing something strange to be brewing in the betting waters right now. OKC finished sixth in the West, possibly has the season’s MVP and has shown their moxxy in some big wins this year, but in this series are still coming in as an extreme underdog in this year’s postseason.

The Thunder have struggled, no doubt. But signs were there in game 2 that signaled that OKC might have the resolve to make this series competitive, even with Westbrook’s shooting meltdown in the 4th quarter. While it’s easy to say “Houston just defended their home court,” Thunder fans know what OKC has to do to rediscover their competitive nature in this series. Trailing 0-2, OKC knows that game 3 is essentially their season. Tough, but not impossible, and if you take that kind of wager, a payoff that could be waiting at the end of the rainbow. At the current time is giving the Thunder +30,000 odds to win the NBA championship.

For most teams with these odds, a finals run would seem impossible. For OKC, though, a strong stretch, led by their mercurial MVP, is insane enough to be within the realm of possibility. Yes, a win over the Houston Rockets in this series would likely mean a round two date with the San Antonio Spurs, followed by OKC’s nemesis from the Bay and #35. The Thunder will have to go through the hardest gauntlet possible to get to the show. If they weren’t able to do that in the first place though, they wouldn’t be worthy of the grail.

The team will have to face adversity, but that’s nothing new. We’re talking about a club that lost an all-star and potential hall of famer this past offseason and still rebounded. Even then, they led the league in boards per game and percentage, made the playoffs, created and harbored the league’s expected MVP and broke multiple records in the process. This team has been written off before and surprised the masses. But if they can do it again, you could be counting a lot of Benjamins.

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