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Thunder vs Nets preview: can OKC get 4th win in a row vs Brooklyn?

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The Thunder face off against the Nets in Mexico; can they keep win streak alive?

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Thunder face off against the Brooklyn nets tonight, but in a rare opportunity, have traveled to Mexico City to try to earn their 4th consecutive win. After coming off a huge 4th quarter comeback against the Utah Jazz, the Thunder seem to be figuring things out, but each game is an opportunity for both progress and regression.

As a part of the Global Games, both the Thunder and Nets are far away from home and high above sea level (7,382 feet). It will be an interesting scene to see whether high octane players like Russell Westbrook can show off their superior conditioning, or if the altitude will impact him more than most.

Nets coach Kenny Atkinson said of the event, possibly through gritted teeth, "I'd love to be home, but the opportunity to go to another country and for our guys to get that experience outweighs the two games at home."

The Thunder will reportedly be without Paul George and Jerami Grant, who will be sitting out with calf and hip contusions, respectively. Thus tonight presents a challenge and opportunity for the Thunder to continue to see if their evolving system can work on both sides of the ball without PG’s all around game as well as Grant’s interplanetary funkmanship from the planet Lovetron.

Tipoff is at 10PM EST.


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