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Daily Rumbles: Thunder Unveil New Alternate Jersey

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and RK has the perfect name for them.

Hey Thunder Nation!!!!

The Thunder just unveiled their new alternate jerseys and they are...... nah... I’ll let you be the judge....

When Nike talked about taking away the OKC Thunder logo a few years ago I was against it. Then they tricked me and put the silhouette of the State of Oklahoma right on the gut of this uniform, kept the lightning bolts, KEPT the logo....

and then went black over grey. I’m sold. This is the uni I will scrape my pennies together until I get it.

These togs are bad, bad as in ominous, and R.K. already has a name for them.

(Want an audio treat? Start this video again, let it run for 15 seconds, then restart the video on the new uniform)

The F5’s.

Oklahoma sits smack dab in the middle of tornado alley and the F5 is the baddest twister on the planet. When a F5 is coming, you don’t ride it out, you get out of the way.

The new uniforms, called the City Edition, goes on sale December 27th but won’t make their court debut until January 25th when the Washington Wizards come to town.


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