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The Other Side of Russell Westbrook: baby Noah, family, and fashion

ESPN’s Royce Young sat down with Westbrook to discuss fatherhood, fashion, and his son Noah

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder-Media Day Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It’s clear that when it comes to Russell Westbrook, it’s a family first mentality. He made this extremely clear in Royce Young’s latest Thunder piece that will appear in ESPN The Magazine’s December 25th NBA Issue.

When discussing his 7-month-old son Noah, his responses and mantra change completely. “Everything in life revolves around him.” “For me, family’s the most important thing. So regardless of it anybody needs anything, or anything happens, if something’s going on in my family, I always put that first.”

Westbrook is one of the most lethal scorers in today’s NBA. People hear his name, they think triple-doubles, OKC, and intensity. Sometimes it’s nice to see the other side of the stars we track day in and day out.

With Russ’ fashion sense being one of his more recognizable traits, Young discussed Noah’s wardrobe decisions with the reigning MVP. Being a 7-month-old, he’s rapidly growing in and out of clothes. But once he starts walking over the next couple months, Russ made one thing clear, he’ll be dressing Noah.

“It’s over. I already told my wife, ‘This is my time to shine.’ Right now you got the cute little onesies, but all the stuff I have for him is, like, 12 to 18 months, 18 to 24 months. I want to swag him out.”

Imagine Noah Westbrook taking his first steps in something like this -

If you’re talking Dad-stuff, you have to talk golf, and Royce didn’t skip this pillar of fatherhood. Westbrook discussed picking up golf later in life, saying he has “a future somewhere in golf, but (he) doesn’t know.”

Say he were to switch to the links, his intensity wouldn’t leave him. “I’m gonna be Happy Gilmore. I’m gonna be Happy Gilmore and break it over my knee.” This needs to be a PSA directed at the PGA Tour. Want to put asses in seats? Get Russell Westbrook out there, he’ll change the game.

Young and Westbrook go on and on about holiday traditions, Noah’s first christmas, Russ’ fashion sense, and more. Go give it a read. It’s always good to see the other side of these guys, and Royce Young did a great job with this one.