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Daily Rumble: For the Thunder, December looking like disastrous November

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I give up, doubt has really set in.

Nelson Chenault @ USA TODAY Sports

What’s up Thunder Nation?

Not the Oklahoma City Thunder, unfortunately. December started off with 3 wins and some promise. The wins were not pretty, but at least they were wins and possibly something to build on. Then the Thunder ran into their Achilles Heel on the 7th, a lottery team, the Brooklyn Nets, and lost by 5 in Mexico City. Things perked up with yet another ugly baby contest overtime win at Memphis on the 9th, but crashed right back to reality in less than 6 minutes during the third quarter against Charlotte on the 11th.

Against the Hornets, Russell Westbrook tied the score at 66 with just under 6 minutes left in the third quarter, which for a normal team might have ignited them over yet another lottery team who was struggling. Instead, the Hornets answered with 26 points in the next 4 minutes and 15 seconds. That is a ridiculous rate of just a smidgen over 6 points per minute.

That rips it. I’ve searched for a silver lining that doesn’t exist long enough. If this team enjoys being the butt of jokes, so be it. I’ve got jokes.

Let’s start with gifs that tell the Thunder’s story visually:

The defense when the offense struggles:

Building chemistry

The offense

The bench

the season

Donovan and his staff watching the season

What Sam Presti should do from the water boy up....

Have a nice day!