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Thunder vs Hornets, final score: OKC fails in 3rd quarter again, falls 116-103

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NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Box Score | At the Hive

The Oklahoma City Thunder fell to the Charlotte Hornets at home, 116-103. In a game where OKC had a better than average chance, literally, to even their record at 13-13 and pull to .500 since the beginning of November, they once again fell apart in the pivotal 3rd quarter to a team that was previously 7 games under .500.

Instead, the Thunder gave up 116 points, 53.1% shooting, and 52% from 3-point range to a team that had gone 5-13 since the beginning of November. In other words, OKC gave up all those gaudy stats to a lottery team that struggles in almost every respect.

After fighting their way to a tie at halftime, OKC suffered yet another 3rd quarter humiliation...and I can’t believe I am even writing this...losing to the Hornets in the pivotal 3rd, 40-22. Objectively speaking, if you’ve followed the league for more than a few years, I’m not sure how you can look at that and come to any conclusion other than the Thunder aren’t willing to even try at this point, at least for significant stretches that all but determine the inevitable outcome.

Generally speaking I find it lazy to avoid the written word, but I have no words at this point. This is all I got.