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Thunder vs Kings, final score: OKC fall to 1 - 8 Sacramento, 94 - 86

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Thunder drop 3rd game in a row and don’t look close to finding any answers.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Sacramento Kings Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Box Score | Sactown Royalty

The Oklahoma City Thunder lost their third game in a row, 94 to 86. This time to a Sacramento Kings team fresh off a seven game losing streak of their own. The Kings were led by former Oklahoma Sooner, Buddy Heild’s 21 points. Heild came off the bench and turned what started as a Thunder route into another frustrating defeat.

What is your initial reaction to tonight's result?

My initial reaction is not printable.

What was, overall, the main reason why the Thunder lost?

Too much isolation offense. The defense was not perfect, but with the firepower the Thunder should be able to unleash, it should have been enough to win this one easily by 20 or more. When a team shoots a miserable 33.7% against the 28th rated defense in the league it is painfully obvious they are making opposing defenses jobs too easy.

R.K's Round Table -

Thunder Wonder: Steven Adams, primarily because he terrorized the Kings in the only lengthy stretch the Thunder actually looked like a winning basketball team, the 1st quarter.

Thunder Down Under: Jerami Grant, for the second game in a row, Grant has provided a spark in the second half and given the Thunder a chance to win and finished with the highest +/- on the team.

Thunder Blunder: Westbrook, Anthony, and Paul George, read my lips.... MOVE THE BALL!!!

Thunder Plunderer: Buddy Heild

Next game:

Thunder at Denver Nuggets
Thurs, Nov. 9 - 9:30 pm cst