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Thunder Views: Frustrated, sluggish, and ugly in loss to Mavericks

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At least this one wasn’t close.

© Jerome Miron | 2017 Nov 25

We’re going to keep this one short and sweet.

Yes, this season has been disappointing so far, but we haven’t seen many games where OKC has laid an egg for a complete 48 minutes. Well, last night we saw a flat Thunder squad from start to finish, as they lost 97-81 to the 4-15 Dallas Mavericks. Carmelo Anthony put it simply, “Ain’t gonna beat nobody scoring 81 points.” This was OKC’s sixth straight road loss.

I’ve done my best to stick with the glass-half-full mentality, but it’s really starting to get tough. Teams have had worse stretches and still managed to pull it together, so I’m not going to completely panic yet. However, my hand is getting very close to that ever so tempting alarm.


Nothing went right for the Thunder last night, so it’s quite difficult to focus on one thing in particular.

The second and third quarters were ugly. Ugly is actually an understatement, but we’ll stick with that for now. The OKC offense was nonexistent, and shot 26% and 30% in the quarters, respectively.

Paul George was 1-12 from the field and finished with 2 points. Not ideal.

I could continue to focus on some negatives, but instead I’ll just leave you with this Royce Young tweet. It sums up how most Thunder fans have been feeling as of late.

Quick Rumbles

  • Russell Westbrook finished with 28-12-9 on Saturday. Solid line from the reigning MVP, but I’m sure he’d trade that in for a W.
  • OKC shot 36.3% from the field to go along with their painful inconsistency on offense last night.
  • Nick Collison had 4 points and 3 rebounds while also taking a charge. There’s one bright spot from Saturday night.
  • 81 points is a season low for OKC.
  • This is the first time all year the Thunder have lost by double digits.

A Look Ahead

Thankfully OKC doesn’t play again until Wednesday, so they’ll have some time to regroup. Hopefully the Thunder can use this break to their advantage before traveling to Orlando.