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Daily Rumbles: What Will the Thunder do during their next Summer Vacation?

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Thunder may be trading oranges for prime rib buffets this July.

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Good day Thunder nation!!!

Here we sit, waiting for the second game of the Thunder’s current 2-game road trip against the New Orleans Pelicans tonight and just days away from their much-anticipated first meeting with the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday. A seven and eight start has been frustrating and it has fans pointing fingers in every direction. A very understandable reaction since the Thunder’s problem is actually the result of a failure of the collective whole. Everyone has a share in this load.

Hopefully Coach Billy Donovan can come up with a magic pill to fix all the problems, but in the meantime, the OKC3 and their 31 total NBA years of experience need to stop using chemistry as an excuse and just find it. And they need to realize a game is more like the 2 12 hour Daytona 500 than a 10 second 14 mile street race. There are pit stops, tire changes, lead changes, and varying conditions on any given night.

Everything isn’t necessarily going to go your way, it’s time to suck it up.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder-Media Day
time to figure it out guys
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Orlando Will No Longer Hold a Summer League

The Magic have opted to forego their annual summer league and are participating in the Las Vegas Summer League instead. The Thunder have participated in the Orlando Summer League since opening shop in Oklahoma City and are left looking for a place to play this upcoming off-season.

Las Vegas is of course an option, but Utah also holds a league. However, the Jazz stage just a six-game, four team format and all the teams that participated in it last summer also played in the Vegas league.

My prediction.... Viva Las Vegas!