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Confidence, blowouts, and defense

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OKC thrashed the Bulls and hopefully regained their confidence

Mike Dinovo @ USA TODAY Sports

The Thunder came out on Saturday night and torched the Chicago Bulls in the second game of their second back-to-back of the season. Holding the Bulls to just 69 points was good enough to tie the Oklahoma City era franchise record for fewest points allowed. Russell Westbrook also managed to collect his third triple double of the season. Tonight was fun, and I’m sure the Thunder thought so too.


Let’s keep this short and simple. The Thunder were able to regain their confidence tonight. For a loaded team like OKC, it’s surprising that this needed to happen this early in the season, but last night’s big win will do wonder’s for Billy Donovan’s group. A blowout win can produce a confidence boost that can go a long way, and Saturday night produced just that. A 101-69 win will definitely help the team's overall state of mind, and hopefully get the Thunder back on track.

Quick Rumbles

  • Russell Westbrook had his third triple double of the season last night with 12-13-13. He’s now had a triple double against all 29 NBA teams.
  • Carmelo Anthony and Paul George had 21 and 20 respectively to lead the scoring charge for OKC.
  • The Thunder controlled the paint, allowing just 16 points in the paint last night. That’s tied for the fewest points in the paint allowed in team history.
  • Delta Airlines said last nights aircraft damage was most likely due to a bird that the plane encountered while in flight to Chicago. If that’s true, that was one gigantic bird.
  • Nick Collison played four minutes tonight!

Good ball movement is so much fun:

A Look Ahead

The Thunder travel to Milwaukee on Tuesday to face off against the Bucks. The "Greek Freak", Giannis Antetokounmpo, has taken the league by storm to start the season, so it’ll be interesting to see OKC attempt to combat the young superstar.

Milwaukee is 3-2 and will face the Hawks today before welcoming the Thunder to town later in the week.