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The Peake Speaks: the past week’s top Thunder quotes

Site contributor David-Scott breaks down this week’s top quotes from Thunder action in his second article of the Peake Speaks WTLC series.

The first week of regular season basketball came to a close over the weekend, and with the Thunder’s challenge to make the best use of their new and improved offense, we knew we’d be provided with some great post-game quotes.

Adams and the evolution of his basketball intellect

When asked about how far he has come intellectually ever since his debut in the National Basketball Association, Steven Adams wasn’t afraid to criticize his former self:

“I was dumb as a pile of bricks, mate. Just stupid mate... Once I came in, just tried to learn the whole thing, hang around the coaches. Not just the main coaches, all coaches, all around.”

I think we can all conclude that Adams went a bit hard on himself, considering how far the kiwi sensation has come during his five years spent under the Thunder organization.

Westbrook gets real on Towns’ aggressive screen

In the final seconds of the Thunder vs. Wolves match-up, Karl-Anthony Towns set up a somewhat over-aggressive screen, allowing Wiggins to take the seemingly impossible gaming winning three pointer (for which he was successful).

The screen sparked conversations on social media, and to many, undoubtedly should have been a call. Here what Russ had to say on Towns ‘wild move:

“I haven't looked back at it, but I’m pretty certain, haven’t looked yet. But, I think it is. That’s just based on the conversation we had in the locker room.”

Has ex-Thunder Oladipo found his home?

When asked about his level of comfort playing in his ex-arena, Victor Oladipo gave the most passive answer quite possible, and lately, has an abundance of evidence to back it up:

“I’m comfortable playing on this team.”

As simple as it may seem, Oladipo is playing the best we’ve ever seen him. As of now, he’s averaged 26 points on 50/45/89 shooting across the first five games of the season. His consistency is off the charts in comparison to his short stint with OKC, and his on-court aggression is prime evidence for how well his confidence has improved. Prior to the season entrance, Victor spoke to Sports Illustrated about his desire to assume a whole new leadership position:

“I’m preparing for my role as a leader, I’m preparing for my role on the team and I can’t wait to embrace that role … I just want to go out there and dominate. I was to pick everybody up, lead and make everybody better, and at the same time try to do something special.”

And as of now, Oladipo has checked off nearly everything he set for himself prior to the start of the season. Currently, Oladipo sits in the Top 3 of the 2017-18 Eastern Conference Player Statistics in regards to the VORP rating (value added over replacement).