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Felton and Patterson cleared to play season opener, no time restrictions

Well, that’s that! Billy Donovan’s ultimate science experiment of a roster has come together, and is ready for war.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder-Media Day Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

According to Royce Young of ESPN, both Patrick Patterson and Ray Felton are cleared to play in tonight’s season opener versus the New York Knicks.

Both had been surrounded by a cloud of doubt whether they would be available during the entrance of the Thunder’s regular season (due to injuries prior to their respective OKC introduction as well as injuries sustained in preseason play).

Felton has made a name for himself among the Thunder’s new and improved roster by inserting himself as a valuable veteran with priceless experience, as well as someone who isn’t afraid of holding anyone responsible for their on-court actions. To many, Felton’s hard-earned experience was something OKC was in dire need of, but more importantly a leader to backup Westbrook alongside the secondary lineup.

Patterson, in a similar fashion, was a pick-up for OKC made by Sam Presti, which certainly slid under the national NBA radar this past summer. Patterson is a match made in heaven for OKC, as he has the body structure to play the five when a small-ball lineup is introduced, as well as the athleticism and aggression to create space and opportunities for OKC’s lead scorers to take action.

The Thunder open at home tonight versus the New York Knicks, and will be televised at 8 PM EST on TNT. Follow WTLC’s Twitter to stay up-to-date with the best Thunder news, content, and game coverage.