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Preseason wrap-up: the Thunder, a functioning super-team?

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NBA: Preseason-Oklahoma City Thunder at Denver Nuggets Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, prior to OKC’s final preseason game versus the Nuggets, CBS Sport’s Matt Moore discussed the overall functioning value of the Thunder’s newly improved squad.

Moore expressed his rightful doubt in whether Anthony will adapt to the current offensive superpower he’s been placed upon, or whether he will return to the same offensive foolishness we saw in New York:

“Move the ball, or if he'll just be the same player he was in New York. If you want to know what a great version of Anthony looks like, watch him defend in the transition post vs. Anthony Davis, snag the board, run the break and make quick decisions, leading to a secondary assist”

Moore also mentioned OKC’s ability to layer their offense, expressing his interest in Felton’s competency as a veteran guard with priceless experience, who can take use of “pin-down screens” and taking advantage of Adam’s aggressive passing abilities as shown below:

“The shocking thing when watching early OKC tape is seeing former defensive focal points being left wide open. Here's Paul George running with Russell Westbrook, but keep an eye out for Carmelo Anthony coming up in the trailer spot”:

And though it’s quite clear now that we aren’t the only ones who seem substantially impressed with the Thunder’s ability to keep the offense dynamic, we have to mutually agree this is only preseason hype. And with that the Thunder still have a great deal of kinks to sort out before being able to take max-use of their offensive superiority. A system must still be developed to maximize the potential of Anthony, George, and Westbrook, and it may not be until around half-point in the season that we see something like this begin to occur.