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The Phil Naessens Show: Predicting the Top Eight Seeds in the NBA Western Conference

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Phil and R.K. Anthony break down the best of the West.

For those of you that may not know it, Phil Naessens is the dude that found me venting on a Thunder Facebook page and introduced me to J.A. Sherman. Six months later, at J.A.’s urging, Sounds of Thunder was born, and I’ve been banging away at this old desktop keyboard ever since. To those that enjoy my writing, thank Phil, to Sherm, the next time you have to change “your” to “you’re” in one of my posts, you’ll know who to blame.

Listen in as Phil and I break down the powerhouse Western Conference and attempt to discern which teams will survive the carnage and make it to the post-season.

From the man, the myth, Phil Naessens himself:

The Western Conference of the National Basketball Association is going to be must see TV. The real question that is up for debate would be which teams will reach the 2018 NBA Playoffs. Join Phil and special guest R.K. Anthony as they discuss who they think will reach the playoffs and what teams won’t on this edition of the Phil Naessens Show!

When Lamarcus Aldridge bolted to the Spurs and everyone said stick a fork in the Portland Trailblazers. This was the man that told Rip City they would not only make the 2016 play-offs, but make a big run as well.

Enjoy the show!