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Phil Naessens Show: Westbrook snub, Carmelo trade rumors, and more

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Listen to the Phil Naessens Show as we cover the Thunder and what is going on in the NBA!

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With the NBA season having crossed the halfway point, there are no shortage of stories to talk about for both the Thunder and the league at large. What to make of the Russell Westbrook All-Star situation? Is Carmelo going to be shopped? And what happened to the Trail Blazers?

On this week’s Phil Naessens Show, Phil and I break all this down and more:

On this week’s Phil Naessens Show Welcome to Loud City Managing Editor J.A. Sherman joins Phil to talk NBA Basketball; Russell Westbrook gets snubbed as an All-Star Game Starter, how to possibly fix the voting, what the New York Knicks will eventually wind up doing with Carmelo Anthony, what happened to the Portland Trail Blazers and much more great NBA talk!

Listen in!