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Did Kevin Durant make a monumental mistake?

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Heading into a new season, the Thunder already have a leg up on the Warriors

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Did Kevin Durant make a huge mistake?

By leaving the beloved Thunder, did Kevin Durant make a monumental mistake?

While the star-studded Golden State Warriors are looking to make NBA history this year with their prized free agent acquisition, it appears the Warriors have already suffered a major defeat to the Thunder – even before the season has started.

The latest data from TeamSnap, the popular sports management app, shows that the Thunder now ranks as the most popular name in team sports ahead of the Warriors ( #3 overall).

Not sure how this will translate on the court, but the Thunder will take every opportunity to top Durant and the Warriors this year.

TeamSnap compiled its annual list from more than 1 million teams registered across all levels of sport, and the Thunder reigned supreme.

Top Five Team Names in Sports

1. Thunder

2. Tigers

3. Warriors

4. Panthers

5. Wildcats

With Russell Westbrook’s summer re-signing, and the soaring popularity of the Thunder brand, it will now be interesting to see if the five-time All Star surpasses Durant in overall merchandise sales this upcoming season.