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Breaking news: Cameron Payne fractures right foot, return to action unknown

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Cameron Payne, coming off of a Jones fracture repair, re-injured the same foot during the Thunder’s Blue-White scrimmage.

via Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman

Cameron Payne has reportedly fractured his right foot, and his return to action is currently unknown. The Oklahoman’s Erik Horne broke the news today that Payne suffered an acute fracture in the 5th metatarsal in his right foot during the first half of the Thunder’s Blue-White scrimmage this past Thursday at John Marshall High School.

According to Horne, the break is NOT related to the Jones fracture he had sustained last season and subsequently had repaired in July:

The acute fracture is unrelated to the stress fracture Payne suffered during the season in that it's an impact injury. Payne was not experiencing pain in the area prior to the scrimmage. While the injury is in the same metatarsal, it's in an unrelated fracture site to the previous stress fracture.

Following surgery on his right foot July 25 to repair a Jones fracture, Payne had been a full participant in preseason practice with no restrictions.

Horne provided video footage in the immediate aftermath, where you can see Payne hobbled by the injury.

With the Thunder looking for greater offensive balance this coming season in the aftermath of Kevin Durant’s departure, Payne was in position to have a huge impact in bolstering the bench’s defense. Ironic it is then that he would suffer the same kind of injury that Durant did which cost him most of the 2014-15 season.

We will continue to track this story as it develops.