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Following the tragic shooting death of Dwyane Wade's first cousin, OKC's Enes Kanter offers emotional support

OKC's Enes Kanter shows support for Dwyane Wade and his family following the tragic shooting death of Wade's cousin Nykea Aldrige

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Sometimes life serves as a cruel reminder that sports are but a momentary escape. One day removed from participating in a televised ESPN town hall summit decrying gun violence; that very evil invaded the personal life of NBA superstar Dwyane Wade.

Chicago-born, Wade jubilantly returned to the city that raised him after inking a two-year $47 million deal with the Bulls July 15. Unfortunately, on Friday the city that so recently stoked Wade's unabated joy served to quash that sentiment while compounding his grief. In a senseless act of tragedy, Wade's first cousin Nykea Aldrige was gunned down by feuding gang members as she pushed her young child in a stroller.

Though the 32-year-old Aldrige wasn't the intended target, nonetheless her life was cut short. While charges have yet to be filed, Chicago police have questioned two men in connection to the Parkway Gardens shooting.

A distraught Wade took to social media Friday calling for an end to the unintelligible brutality that claimed his cousin's life. "These young kids are screaming for help!!!" #EnoughIsEnough

Wade, 34, stated: "The city of Chicago is hurting. We need more help and more hands on deck. Not for me and my family but for the future of our world. THE YOUTH!"

On Friday night the Chicago Bulls organization released this statement concerning Nykea Aldriges' death. "The entire Chicago Bulls organization is deeply saddened by the news of Dwayne Wade's cousin, Nykea Aldrige. We send our deepest condolences to the entire Wade family during this difficult time."

Finally, in an act of class that has become synonymous with Oklahoma City's Enes Kanter, the fifth-year pro sent his condolences to Wade and his family.

The lone silver lining in this catastrophe was that Aldrige's child was unharmed. Following Friday's misfortune, ABC News stated a member of Wade's family took custody of the child. During Thursday's ESPN town hall, Dwyane Wade said of America's pervasive culture of gun violence, "This is something that didn't start today, this is something that isn't going to end tomorrow. Hopefully, eventually we can stop it."

According to World Atlas, Chicago ranks 24th among the most dangerous cities in the U.S.