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Watch: Steven Adams talks sister Valerie, hair cuts, nut shots

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Steven Adams waxes poetic on watching his sister compete in the Olympics, as well as some of the trials and anticipations of the upcoming Thunder season.

@The Top Story

Steven Adams gives his now-standard "O for Awesome" interview with some random guy in the pop-a-shot room where Adams is promoting a sports drink (a campaign which I am guessing was probably fueled by Adams’ delight in receiving a lifetime supply of the sports drink).

Among the highlights:

  • Adams is extremely proud of his big sister Valerie, who won silver at the Olympic Games (see the chryon).
  • Adams’ nuts took a beating, but he thinks it’s awesome that people are still talking about it.
  • Adams decided to stop getting haircuts because they cost too much. Given that he will make $3 million next season, I find this type of ownership over keeping track of finances encouraging. Besides, we all know that money is going straight toward his food budget anyway.
  • I find it fascinating that Powerade’s promo features Adams shooting a jump shot. Remember me by this jump shot.
  • He is inspired by his teammates, who just want to come in and work hard next season without concern for who gets credit.
  • Steven has an appropriate response for people who think he is Australian.
  • Will Adams ever play for the Tall Blacks? Yeah, definitely.

  • Making Adams a part of the regular post-game presser is one of the best things that Russell Westbrook could do this season. Make it happen, Russ!

h/t to OKCNZ for finding the awesome interview.