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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 34; Brokenhearted over Kevin Durant's spurning of Oklahoma City

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Did he really just do that?

I don't really have many coherent thoughts on the matter yet. It's just crazy to even type. Kevin Durant is no longer a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He's a Golden State Warrior.

It sucks, it's shocking, I still can't believe it happened. Thankfully Marina Mangiaracina was there to cheer me up a little bit.

We talked about just how shocked we were before getting into what this means for Kevin Durant's legacy both nationally and in OKC: Will his jersey be retired one day? What happens to his restaurant? Is the league ready for Russell Westbrook to have a team all to himself?

Marina also shares her experience at the recent Outsports Conference in Chicago, and what it was like to speak in front of a huge group and share her story.

But for real, the Golden State Warriors? After that Western Conference Finals?! Best of luck, KD.

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