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Summer league player grades for game 2: Payne, McGary lead the way

How did the Thunder's potential rotation guys do in game 2 of the summer league?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder's Summer League squad defeated the Clippers, 81-72. Since only 3-4 of thee player will ever see meaningful NBA minutes, let's break down how those key players performed.

1. Cameron Payne

The only player on the team guaranteed real minutes next season. Payne struggled with his shot, going 5-16 from the field. He started attacking the rim sometime during the 2nd quarter, and it showed with 14 free throw attempts. Although Payne only finished with 2 assists, he was making plays for other the entire game. His feel for the game and court vision were apparent to everybody watching.

2. Mitch McGary

McGary was impressive. After missing a few bunnies around the rim early in the game, Mitch started to heat up, finishing with 18 points. We all know he can score and dribble the ball up the floor, though. The most impressive part of McGary's game was his 4 steals. If he can continue to make a difference on defense, there might be a rotation spot for McGary with the Thunder.

3. Josh Huestis

Huestis played his role. Despite struggling with his shot (3-9), and being careless with the ball (6 turnovers), the versatile forward had a pretty good game. He nailed a big 3 late in the fourth quarter and played excellent defense. A rotation spot next year is unlikely, but there might be room a few years down the road.