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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 36; Another Thunder goodbye leaves hope for a Russell Westbrook extension

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JA Sherman joins to say farewell to Dion Waiters, speculate what this means for Westbrook's long-term future in OKC, decide if he's rooting for USA basketball in the Olympics, and answer 10 random questions

Can you believe it's only been three weeks since Kevin Durant made his decision? It feels like a lifetime ago that we shared those great times together. Now I (as I am sure most of you are) am just a hardened man that barely reacts when I hear his name or see him on the TV screen.

I'm still far from over it though, and my guest and editor JA Sherman is right there with me. We talked plenty more about our mutual ex that we just can't stop stalking, and whether or not we'll be watching him in the Olympics.

The big news on the Thunder front was Dion Waiters signing with the Miami Heat for a whopping $2.9 million. For the Thunder, this means they can officially offer Westbrook a re-structured max extension. Will he take it? Or will he at least have the decency to give the front office a heads up that he wants out, rather than leading them on for an entire year? JA and I also discuss that, along with Royce Young's report for ESPN on the matter.

Lastly, I wanted to bring some lightheartedness to the show since all we've been doing lately is sulking in the Durant news, so I introduced a new thing I want to do going forward with new guests: The Off-Topic Ten, where I will ask the guest 10 random questions.

So listen in as we discuss steaks, Keanu Reeves, our favorite things we've written for WTLC and, of course, Bennett Berry. Also, scroll below the player to see links to some of the stuff we talked about.

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