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Cameron Payne undergoes surgery to repair Jones fracture

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Who is this Jones guy and why does he keep hurting our dudes' feet?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder's backup (hopefully) point guard Cameron Payne underwent surgery on his right foot today to repair a Jones fracture. Per Royce Young of ESPN:

So yeah, all signs point to him being ready for training camp, but if there's any fan base that has learned not to trust the timetable on a Jones fracture, it's OKC fans.

The Thunder will most certainly want to keep their eyes peeled for help at the point guard position, however. If Payne is unable to fill the role of backup PG, that means Victor Oladipo can expect some time there while Westbrook gets his rest. In other words, if you thought staggering minutes wouldn't be an issue anymore now that you-know-who left, think again.