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Randy Foye Signs with Brooklyn Nets

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Oh well.

Is this what they call passion after winning Game 3?
Is this what they call passion after winning Game 3?
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the less than half season rental of Randy Foye has come to a close. Foye was an expiring deal, and went into Free Agency over the Summer. So Foye has just taken a one year deal with the Brooklyn Nets, per Woj.

Was taking Randy Foye mid-season worth it? It's not like the Thunder really needed D.J. Augustin. What the Thunder really needed was a combo guard who could provide some measure of everything. No one on OKC's bench could be consistently effective. Payne was too young. Heustis was too raw. Singler was too unathletic. Morrow was too small. And Waiters was too inconsistent. Foye was expected to be that steady veteran hand. Somebody who could nail threes, maybe do a pick and roll, and provide defense that was passable.

Despite being a consummate professional, Foye just never worked out. Foye had no dribble drive game to speak of, because he just isn't athletic or crafty enough to get to the basket. And Foye's three percentage wasn't anything to write home about, despite taking wide open shots. Foye's defense was never terrible, but I do remember it being an overall net negative.

I liked seeing Foye on the court, and I think he was a creative solution to a mid-season problem. In another universe, maybe Foye had the shooting OKC needed to get over the hump. But in this timeline, Foye was basically out of the rotation by the time the playoffs were over.