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NBA loud links: Tim Duncan retires after 19 seasons; Draymond Green arrested

Tim Duncan retires after 19 dominant seasons in the NBA; plus Draymond Green's arrest

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After 19 seasons of sustained brilliance, the seemingly timeless Tim Duncan era has concluded. Duncan, 40, announced his retirement Monday, end-capping perhaps the finest professional sporting resume of a generation. The five-time NBA Champion served as the league's quintessential Rock of Gibraltar amid decades of stark change.

With quiet confidence and a masterful low-post repertoire, Duncan led San Antonio to an unprecedented regular-season record of 1,072-438 throughout his venerable NBA career. To appreciate the historicity of this accomplishment, it must be noted that no other major American sporting franchise had a better winning percentage (.710) during this period.

Meanwhile, as superstars and super-teams came and went, Duncan remained a constant among the championship scene. If legacies are forged in gold, Duncan's 99', 03', 05', 07' and 2014 titular triumphs cement his standing as the greatest power forward ever. Throw in 15 All-Star appearances, 15 All-NBA selections, two regular-season and three Finals MVP awards and Duncan's name is on the short list of greatest players of all time.

Singular and collective laurels notwithstanding, Duncan's unparalleled personal dignity and professional loyalty make him the last of his kind: an exclusively committed champion and revered ambassador of the sport. Duncan will not only be missed dearly in San Antonio, but throughout the NBA universe as well.

Pursuant to Duncan's retirement, San Antonio has called a press conference scheduled today at 1 P.M. While reports state Duncan will not be present at today's news conference, he will officially address media later this week.

With Duncan set to ride off into the sunset, here's a look at other headline making news around the association.

Segueing from Duncan to Draymond Green's Arrest

There has to be some twisted irony in this. On Sunday, Golden State All-Star Draymond Green was arrested on assault charges at an East Lansing eatery. Neither Green nor his unnamed accuser were injured in the brief scuffle. For now, Green is presumed innocent pending an investigation.

The Beard will be in Houston four more years

James Harden inked a four-year $118 million extension with Houston over the weekend. The All-NBA guard has his eye on the ultimate prize.

Atlanta signs Jarrett Jack to a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum

If he can remain healthy, this is actually a great pick up for the Hawks.

An eloquent homage to the legacy of Tim Duncan

Tyler Conway enumerates the accolades and legend of the greatest power forward ever.