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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 35; Oklahoma City is Russell Westbrook's town now, if he wants it

Adam Joseph joins the show to talk even more about Kevin Durant's decision, Enes Kanter's tweets, possible additions the Thunder can make, and whether or not Russell Westbrook will stick around long term.

You know how you break up with someone and then little things come up where you realize you have to change everything you'd gotten used to? Maybe it's changing your Facebook pic. Maybe it's taking down pictures hanging in your bedroom. Maybe it's getting rid of that stupid salad bowl they always insisted on using.

Well, for me and KD, it was removing the sound clips from the intro that included references to great Kevin Durant plays. No more! We're down to just the single Russ soundbite. #Russ4Eva

I mostly said my piece on KD when I called him a sellout earlier this week, but while I still stand by all of that, I do think there are some nice things to be said about his tenure in OKC. So that's what the first 8 or so minutes of this podcast are about, just me talking about the positive impact Kevin Durant had on me as an OKC and NBA fan. Don't get too excited!

Then, my guest Adam Joseph (@AdamJosephSport) comes on to talk more about where the Thunder can go from here. Most of you are familiar with Adam for his work around these parts, but I'm just a big fan of all things Australia (re: koalas) so I made sure to ask him a couple dumb American questions about his country just to keep things interesting. "Are New Zealand and Australia the same?" See, dumb stuff.

Listen in, and as always, you can subscribe to the Loud Noises Podcast on iTunesGoogle Play and Stitcher and while you're there, leave a review.