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Daily Loud Links Olympic Edition: top NBA links for June 7, 2016

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WTLC delivers the day's top NBA news, all wrapped into one tidy little package.

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Stephen Curry won't play in this summer's Olympic games
Stephen Curry won't play in this summer's Olympic games
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Armstrong, noted YouTube NBA impersonator, takes his hilarious talents to America's favorite late-night talk show.

In this gem of a clip, Armstrong impersonates several NBA superstars, including OKC's own Russell Westbrook!

Stephen Curry headlines Team USA players to back out of 2016 Olympic games.

SB Nation's Ali Sadiki reports the reigning league MVP will forgoe the Rio Olympics for rest. However, a number of players are skipping on the 31st Olympiad due to Zika Virus concerns.

A list of the All-Star players who are backing out for Team USA this summer and why.

Deadspin reports a cadre of leading NBA talent, including LaMarcus Aldrige, Anthony Davis, John Wall and Blake Griffin will each miss the Rio games due to injury.

Will LeBron play for Team USA this Summer?

The world awaits LeBron's "decision" concerning a fourth run at Olympic glory.

Editorial Note:

With the multitude of talent set to miss this Summer's Olympic games, one might feel as though Team USA's in a similar position as the 2004 bronze-medal unit. That summer many NBA stars elected to pass on the Athens based games due to terror concerns. This resulted in a poor performance and world-wide embarrassment for USA basketball.

While certain similarities do exist with the 2016 USA Olympic team, the league's deeper talent pool should still allow for a second-tier group of American players to capture gold rather easily.

In closing, while it's an honor to represent one's country in Olympic play, service to the salary-paying NBA franchise should come first. If a player needs rest, he should rest; if injured, he should not play. Simple as that.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts below.