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2015-16 Season Oklahoma City Thunder player grades: Nazr Mohammed was here

Grizzled NBA veteran Nazr Mohammed shared a brief stint with the 15'-16' Western Conference Final participants.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Player name: Nazr Tahiru Mohammed

Regular-season/Post-season grades: Incomplete

It's been a long, winding NBA path for 18-year veteran Nazr Mohammed. This campaign, however, may have been the 38-year-old Kentucky product's last. Mohammed was signed by Oklahoma City March 5 to a pro-rated contract for the duration of the regular-season and playoff run. Mohammed had been in semi-retirement when the phone rang, and although his impact was minimal, it was good to see OKC remember his previous service to the franchise.

"Obviously playing in the league for a long time, he knows how to play the game the right way," Russell Westbrook said. "He knows what's right and what's wrong. He definitely can keep everybody accountable and try to find ways to help us win more games."

In five appearances with the Thunder, Mohammed averaged 1.6 points and just under one rebound in 3.8 minutes per contest. The former two-time NCAA and 2005 NBA Champion also made five brief playoff cameos for OKC, scoring a total of two points in ten minutes.

While Mohammed was added to the Thunder roster as an emergency big down the stretch, his five-game stint with Oklahoma City was little more than a boost to his impressive career games-played total of 1,005.

Mohammed will almost certainly retire from active NBA competition this off-season. Oklahoma City parting ways with the venerable 6-10 center is an inevitability.

During Mohammed's exit interview, he discussed his future:

"I think that's the last game. I'm not going to be actively kind of pursuing to play. I might be sitting over there with you guys next time, you never know, but I'm not going to actively pursue to play.""