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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 33; Dissecting the Serge Ibaka trade and getting to know Domantas Sabonis

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Zach Oliver of SB Nation's Orlando Pinstriped Post shares his feelings on the Ibaka trade, then Peter Woodburn of SB Nation's Gonzaga blog, Slipper Still Fits, gives the lowdown on Domantas Sabonis.

Hoo boy. The big story this offseason was supposed to be Kevin Durant's free agency decision. That's still the case, but the Oklahoma City Thunder sure made a lot of noise on what was supposed to be a quiet draft night when they traded Serge Ibaka to the Orlando Magic for Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova and the No. 11 pick, Domantas Sabonis.

I loved the trade, even if it made me sad and shocked when I first heard about it. But I wanted to know A) Why the Magic made the trade to begin with and B) If it was at all defensible by Magic fans. Thankfully, Zach Oliver from Orlando Pinstriped Post gave me more than enough info on that topic. You can also check out OPP's farewell post on Oladipo that Zach mentioned during the show, which gives a nice background on the shooting guard's career thus far.

The conversation ended as just about every conversation is likely to end for the next couple weeks: on Kevin Durant's upcoming decision and the effect this move could have on that decision.

Then, just after the 50-minute mark, Peter Woodburn, who is the site manager at Slipper Still Fits, came on to let me know what to expect from Domantas Sabonis. That's the Gonzaga blog for SB Nation, so he followed Sabonis as closely as anybody. He also had an interesting take on the moral dilemma that comes with being a Washingtonian hoping for good things for a Thunder player.

Oh, and one last housekeeping thing! We're now on Google Play. I messed up for basically the entire duration of this show by making the files mp4, and the platform only plays mp3s (this is such nerdy stuff), so you will basically only see a few episodes on there from the past that were done by smart people that saved things correctly. Going forward, though, all new episodes will be on there. So if you're an android user (nerd), you can subscribe there.

Plus, as always, you can subscribe to the Loud Noises Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher and while you're there, leave a review.