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Offseason trade roundup: Derrick Rose dealt to New York, Jeff Teague lands in Indiana

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A look at the busy happenings of an already exciting 2016 offseason.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With a pair of major Tuesday trades, the NBA's offseason began with a bang. Former MVP Derrick Rose and 2015 All-Star Jeff Teague headlined two noteworthy transactions. Following a meteoric ascension and disheartening fall, Tuesday the struggling Bulls parted ways with Rose. Chicago dealt the 2011 NBA MVP -- along with Justin Holiday and a second round pick -- to the New York Knicks in exchange for Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant.

On the surface, it appears New York is attempting to improve a woeful point-guard situation. Meanwhile, Chicago seems focused on a Jimmy Butler-centered rebuild. While the Bulls' end of the deal makes sense, many question New York's logic in trading for a past-prime star who seems an incongruent fit with the team's core assembly.

Rose's setbacks since a harrowing 2012 MCL injury are well chronicled. Last season, the 27-year-old appeared in 70 games, struggling to find his shot; while his once-explosive athleticism further declined. The big question for a 32-win New York team is how Rose's presence impacts the development of second-year star Kristaps Porzingis.

The one plus for New York is Rose's expiring contract lends the Knicks roster flexibility following the 16'-17' season.

Turning now to Atlanta, the Hawks dealt Indianapolis native Jeff Teague to Indiana as part of a three-team swap. Teague, 28, had been sharing minutes with rising sixth-man Dennis Schroder. As part of the deal, Atlanta received the 12th pick in tonight's draft, while the Jazz acquired veteran George Hill.

This trade affords Atlanta the opportunity to develop the precocious 22-year-old Schroder, while eyeing a long-term rebuild. Utah comes away the winner in the deal as George Hill is a reliable veteran and a great fit with the defensive-minded Jazz. Indiana, however, now finds itself mired in a ball-sharing conundrum with the back court of ball-dominant guards Teague and Monta Ellis.

The common denominator in both transactions was a desire for Chicago and Atlanta to gain something in return for their embattled floor generals' soon expiring contracts. With a pair of first-round selections (12th, 21st)  Atlanta is heavily rumored to be shopping their assets to either land another rebuild piece, or move up in draft position.

With the draft just hours away, it was confirmed Indiana acquired talented front-court veteran Thaddeus Young for the 20th overall selection.

It appears Indiana and other teams league-wide are looking to wheel and deal to begin what should be a most interesting summer of transactions.