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2014 NBA Draft: re-drafting the draft lottery selections two years later

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Don't you ever wonder what the draft would look like if teams had the ability to "get another chance?"

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With the NBA draft sneaking up on us, Justin and Joey kept up with last year's re-drafts of previous draft classes.  Here is how we believe the 2014 lottery should have gone.

1) Cleveland Cavaliers
My Pick: Andrew Wiggins/ Original Pick: Andrew Wiggins

This was the no-brainer pick. Andrew Wiggins proved, for the second year in a row, that he is the best player in this draft class. While his shot could use some work, Wiggins' ability to score and defend have translated well to the NBA. One can only imagine what could've been if the Cavs kept him. - Justin

2) Milwaukee Bucks
My Pick: Aaron Gordon/ Original Pick: Jabari Parker

What Milwaukee is missing more than anything is rim protection. Starting Jabari and Greg Monroe just didn't work and it won't in the future. Parker tearing an ACL his rookie year was only more of a reason to pick somebody else.  - Joey

3) Philadelphia 76ers
My Pick: Jordan Clarkson/ Original Pick: Joel Embiid

Poor Joel. The 76ers still may have a mini-Hakeem on their hands but with 20/20 hindsight, Jordan Clarkson fills a major need for this team. The 76ers have "relied" on players like Ish Smith and Isaiah Canaan to carry the load in the backcourt...meanwhile Jordan Clarkson has shown signs of stardom as Kobe's puppet. - Justin

4) Orlando Magic
My Pick: Joel Embiid/ Original Pick: Aaron Gordon

Gosh this draft is weak. Embiid may be a huge question mark but his ceiling, while not as high as it was, is sky high. Orlando already has Vucevic, so a rim protector to compliment him would do wonders. - Joey

5) Utah Jazz
My Pick: Jabari Parker/ Original Pick: Dante Exum

If I was making the pick for the Bucks in this re-draft, Jabari would be my pick. However, my wonderful colleague decided to go another route.  After working his way back into the game after a devastating ACL tear, Jabari Parker finished off a smooth sophomore campaign averaging 14.1 points in 76 games. He just has too much potential to pass up on for the Jazz.- Justin

6) Boston Celtics
My Pick: Julius Randle/ Original Pick: Marcus Smart

What a concept, Boston. Picking someone over 6'4! The Celtics are overly cluttered at guard, and Smart wasn't good enough to pick despite that. Julius Randle is a solid building block and/or asset that will help the Celtics return to contention. - Joey

7) Los Angeles Lakers:
My Pick: Elfrid Payton/ Original Pick: Julius Randle

With Julius Randle off the board, I'm going to go with a player that has transitioned nicely from a mid-major school to the pro's. Elfrid Payton may not have the shot to be a force offensively, but he certainly knows how to pass the ball and create for his teammates. On the other end, he thrives and plays defense like a veteran. Keep in mind that this pick comes before D'Angelo Russell in 2015.- Justin

8) Sacramento Kings
My Pick: Zach LaVine/ Original Pick: Nik Stauskas

With Ben McLemore and Rudy Gay already on the roster, point guard seems to be the way to go. Even though LaVine is known more for his performances in the dunk contest, he has shown a ton of potential, on and off the ball. - Joey

9) Charlotte Hornets
My Pick: Marcus Smart/ Original Pick: Noah Vonleh

Noah Vonleh was traded last summer to the Trail Blazers with Gerald Henderson in exchange for Nic Batum. While my pre-2014 season prediction of Noah Vonleh becoming the next big thing does not seem to be working out, I still believe he can be a decent contribution to a team in need of length...after all, he is only 20 years old. Onto Marcus Smart. I am not even worried about fit here because Smart is too talented to pass up on for the Hornets. He cannot escape injury, nor can he escape his inconsistent shot, but man can he compete. He hustles, he fights for rebounds, he pushes the ball. He's got that edge that most players do not possess. - Justin

10) Orlando Magic
My Pick: Gary Harris/ Original Pick: Elfrid Payton

Harris has shown a ton of potential as a 3 and D player. With most of the good point guard options gone at this point, wing shooting is the next biggest need for Orlando. - Joey

11) Chicago Bulls:
My Pick: Dante Exum/ Original Pick: Doug McDermott

Dante Exum unfortunately suffered an ACL tear over the summer after a relatively disappointing NBA debut. But after all, Exum is just 20 years old. The Australian point guard is long, athletic, and flashed moments of his future as an excellent slasher. He uses his length well to extend and finish his layups. The Bulls are in need of backcourt depth because they obviously cannot depend on their Rose-Butler combo staying healthy. - Justin

12) Philadelphia 76ers
My Pick: Rodney Hood/ Original Pick: Dario Saric

Two Words. Outside. Shooting. Hood could be a really good role player and that's what Philly needs. - Joey

13) Minnesota Timberwolves
My Pick: Nikola Jokic/ Original Pick: Zach Lavine

This is a pre-Karl Towns pick. Nikola Jokic finished third in ROY voting this year after putting together a satisfying rookie campaign with the Nuggets. Seen as a raw talent coming into the NBA, Jokic proved he is ready to play as he put up 10 and 7 while showing a decent amount of range outside the paint. - Justin

14) Phoenix Suns
My Pick: Clint Capela/ Original Pick: TJ Warren

Warren is proving to be a pretty good pick. However, Capela fills a big need for them. He's shown potential as a rim protector and pick and roll finisher. Learning behind Tyson Chandler could certainly help too. - Joey


That's how we would re-draft the 2014 lottery. What do you all think?