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Daily Loud Links: Cleveland Cavaliers Shock Golden State To Conclude Unforgettable Season

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Cleveland defeats Golden State 93-89 to snap a 52-year championship drought.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With game seven's shocking conclusion, the time to reflect upon an unfathomable 15'-16' season has arrived. While Cleveland's "King" returned greatness to a city long-starved for adornment, the unanimous back-to-back MVP shrunk hollow on the biggest of stages.

Sunday night, LeBron James earned a third NBA Championship and Finals MVP award. More importantly, however, James made good on a solemn vow to bring "The Land" a forever piece of gold. As gritty Cleveland became the lone Finals team to overcome a 3-1 deficit, Golden State's 73-9 record-setting regular season run lost its luster.

In a series that saw improbable back-and-forth action, flaring tempers and magical moments, Cleveland triumphed 93-89 Sunday night to stand atop the NBA universes' highest pinnacle.

Today's edition of the links brings you the best, morning-after analysis to cap an unforgettable 2016 season.

LeBron's Game 7 triple-double ends a 52-year championship drought for Cleveland.

All of Cleveland rejoices as hard-luck is replaced by golden hardware.

A congratulatory NBA community reacts to Cleveland's long-awaited triumph.

NBA stars light up the Twitter-verse with praise for the Cavaliers and city of Cleveland.

A conquering King secures his legacy.

SB Nation's Rodger Sherman explains why never again should LeBron be doubted.

Fear The Sword details the Cavaliers' monumental victory.

SB Nation's resident Cavs blog celebrates a well-deserved championship.

Steve Kerr and Golden State are "stunned" by Game 7 defeat.

And for good reason, not even Nostradamus himself could've predicted this outcome.

For the 73-9 Warriors, "not quite" is apropos.

SB Nation's Golden State Of Mind chronicles the disappointing end to a season seemingly destined for all-time honors.

Richard Jefferson triumphantly rides off into the sunset.

Following a standout 15-year NBA career, Jefferson has decided to go out on top.

An emotional J.R. Smith's candid reaction to winning it all on Father's Day.

Congratulations are in order for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors'  outstanding campaigns. The 2016 NBA season was one of the greatest both from a statistical and raw emotional standpoint. Never again may we witness as many significant historical records surpassed in a single season.

This "golden era" of NBA basketball is truly something special to behold. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

WTLC hopes you enjoyed today's links. Don't forget to tune in this Thursday night for the 2016  NBA Draft.