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Donovan and Durant exit interviews: looking to free agency and beyond

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Durant, Donovan and OKC teammates discuss K.D.'s future as a free-agent during exit interview presser.

Kevin Durant, Billy Donovan and Oklahoma City Thunder teammates discuss Durant's free-agency during exit interviews
Kevin Durant, Billy Donovan and Oklahoma City Thunder teammates discuss Durant's free-agency during exit interviews
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

During Oklahoma City's annual exit interviews, coveted free agent Kevin Durant and Head Coach Billy Donovan spoke candidly with media regarding Durant's looming summer decision.

While Donovan reiterated his willingness to support KD's ultimate course of action, Durant stated it was "too soon" to begin thinking about his summer plans.

However, Durant dropped major hints concerning the atmosphere he'd like to be in come next season.

"I want some time to really decompress and reflect on the season so I can move on with the summer and move on with this whole process... Like I said, the two most important things for me is being around great people and having fun playing basketball..."Just being around great people, being in a great basketball environment, that's the two most important things for me. "That's all I really care about.

While Durant clearly indicated his desire to be part of a positive culture moving forward, his current teammates chimed in with thoughts regarding the seven-time All-Star.

Fellow All-NBA superstar Russell Westbrook via ESPN: "I mean, Kevin is a guy that obviously myself and another guy we want back here at the Oklahoma City Thunder."

Oklahoma City defensive-standout Serge Ibaka echoed Westbrook's sentiments, stating: "I have confidence. Where he going to go? Tell me. After what we did in the playoffs this year, where? If he gonna go somewhere, where?

Ibaka's reference to the Thunder's improbable playoff run seems indicative of a team that gels with and cares for one another. However, the most poignant and concrete quote regarding the admiration and respect K.D. has among his teammates comes from the guy who's been by his side longest.

Nick Collison per ESPN:"Kevin is so important to this place, and this team. For us, we need him back."

Finally, it's well known that Durant's relationship with first-year Head Coach Billy Donovan is close-knit. During the team's exit conference Donovan stated:

"Kevin's very bright. He obviously has had incredible impact on this community and this organization. And obviously, the organization, the community love him a great deal as well."

While Durant is venerated among his OKC brethren, the nine-year-veteran's greatest financial interest is also best served by staying with the Thunder this off-season.

With these statements and sentiments being preliminary in nature, ultimately time will tell what Durant's future as a free-agent holds.