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Cleveland Cavaliers are NBA champions, defeat Golden State Warriors in game 7, 93-89

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Cleveland wins their first championship in NBA history.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Fear the SwordGolden State of Mind

Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are the 2016 NBA Champions by defeating the defending champion Golden State Warriors in a Finals rematch from a year ago. The Cavs completed the greatest Finals series comeback in league history, recovering from a 1-3 deficit to win twice on the road against a 73 regular season win team who previously only lost three times at home all year long. Most did not give the Cavs a chance to win against the historically significant Warriors, led by 2-time MVP Stephen Curry, but on the back of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, the Cavs have won their first NBA championship in franchise history.

From the opposite end of the court, the finale is bitter, as the Warriors seemed destined to supplant the 1996 Bulls as the most dominant team in NBA history from beginning to end. However, during the Western Conference Finals, the Thunder began to chip away at their armor and nearly toppled Golden State themselves. But in the Finals, when the Warriors wobbled on their feet once again, James, Irving, and the Cavaliers never let them regroup.

Much will be made of the critical 1-game suspension of Draymond Green in game 5, a home game where the Warriors could have clinched the title. His suspension proved to be the turning point, and from that point on the Cavs controlled the series and the Warriors were never able to re-discover their powerful mojo.

And so this is the end of the season, the final game for us to think about until next year. There is much to be excited about for the Thunder, but much uncertainty as well. But one thing is for certain - once again, the Thunder have to set their sites on the King on top of the mountain. He'll be waiting.