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Daily Loud Links: NBA Finals Game 7 Edition, Who's Legacy Prevails?

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Daily Loud Links: Game 7 NBA Finals Preview Edition

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

After opening 0-2 and being dismissed as sweep fodder, Cleveland has overcome to set the scene for a most unlikely NBA Finals game 7. This winner-take-all, season-concluding clash begins tonight at 8 PM ET. As the basketball world anticipates an apropos climax to a record-setting campaign, LeBron, Steph and the 73-9 Warriors have one shot to solidify personal and collective legacies.

Will LBJ reign as "The King" once more, perhaps forever silencing his critics, or will Stephen Curry and his recently woe-be-gone Warriors validate a regular-season run for the ages?

Today's special edition of the links looks to whet your appetite for tonight's crucial contest, while exploring these narratives and more.

LeBron's Legacy: Locked and Loaded

Looking to avoid a 2-5 NBA Finals record, LeBron can forever secure his legacy by overcoming 73-9.

Game 7 will define the Warriors' historic season

ESPN's Zach Lowe previews tonight's all-or-nothing showdown.

Will tonight be the night Cleveland reverses "the curse?"

After decades of heartache, title-starved Cleveland fans may witness the miraculous.

Is Curry's defense being exploited?

SB Nation's Jesus Gomez thinks so. Read on to find out why.

For tonight, the stakes couldn't be higher.

SB Nation's Sunday Shootaround brings you the ultimate game-seven primer.

This Bob Costas 'Roundball Rock' clip is perfect for Cavs vs. Warriors game seven.


If you plan to watch tonight's game, feel free to use this post as the de facto game thread. It's the last game of the season, tune in and enjoy it until next year!