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Thunder General Manager Sam Presti Featured Guest on Adrian Wojnarowski's 'The Vertical' Podcast

"The team competed at a really high level, didn't get what we wanted...but we got better, and that's competition."

Sam Presti praised Donovan's leadership on Wednesday's Vertical Podcast
Sam Presti praised Donovan's leadership on Wednesday's Vertical Podcast
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday's edition of The Vertical Podcast, Thunder General Manager Sam Presti joined Adrian Wojnarowski's popular forum to discuss all things OKC basketball. Some of Presti's expounded highlights include a staunch admiration of Kevin Durant's dignity throughout the free-agency process, Billy Donovan's innate leadership abilities, and Oklahoma City's growth as the season progressed.

A candid Presti praised Durant's "compassion toward the franchise" and intent focus on the task at hand for much of OKC's success this season. Presti also commended the Thunder fan base for an unparalleled support of the city's only major sporting franchise.

Presti referred to his 2016 Thunder collection, led by Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka, as a group of "overcomers." The Thunder GM stated Oklahoma City  "embraced the process" in the midst of a challenging start and consequent torrid playoff path.

In addition to insightful dialogue concerning Thunder basketball, the 40-year-old NBA executive spoke of his meteoric rise to leadership within the Thunder organization. Here is today's interview:

Some additional intriguing Presti comments include his vision in drafting Russell Westbrook, along with the process of trading James Harden. This is definitely a must-listen for any Thunder fan.

Presti ended the interview by stating Durant and Westbrook's free-agency periods would "be handled the right way," and that the Thunder had something to say and by season's end "were heard."

This is the beginning of what is shaping up as a very interesting Thunder off-season to say the least.