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Daily Loud Links: NBA Finals Game 5 and Steven Adams Mural Edition

WTLC delivers the day's top NBA news, all wrapped into one tidy little package.

LeBron and Kyrie celebrate after avoiding elimination
LeBron and Kyrie celebrate after avoiding elimination
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Facing elimination before a raucous Oracle Arena contingent, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving offered crucial season-saving performances. The tandem scorched the depleted Warriors for a combined 82 points (41 each), as the gritty Eastern Conference Champions found a way to survive. While Cleveland's season remained afloat upon the broad shoulders of its superstars; the record-breaking Warriors lost for a seventh time this post-season, 112-97.

Many will ascribe both Golden State's failure to close, and the offensive explosions of Irving and James, to the absence of defensive-stalwart Draymond Green. Due to accrued flagrant-foul points, the Warriors' emotional leader served a mandatory suspension for Monday night's contest.

Golden State's stifling interior defense was dealt another blow as Andrew Bogut suffered a game-ending left knee sprain late in the second quarter. Minus Bogut, Cleveland outscored the Warriors plus-17 the remainder of the game.

Here are today's Loud Links for Game 5 of the NBA Finals:

LeBron and Kyrie become first Finals teammates to score 40-plus in the same contest

CBS Sports chronicles the record-setting performance of Cleveland's dynamic duo in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

A banished dancing bear catches a Dubs loss from Oakland Coliseum

Flanked by team General Manager Bob Myers and NFL legend Marshawn Lynch, Draymond Green enjoyed some popcorn, and a Golden State loss, from the Oakland Coliseum.

Social Media revels in Kyrie's cold 41 point performance

Irving went full blown "Uncle Drew" mode and the internet responded. Here are some of social media's top reactions to what LeBron described as "one of the greatest performances in Finals history."

Who you callin baby, baby?

After this vicious revenge dunk, it's clear no one puts baby in a corner.

Why isn't a rivalry between Curry and James dominating the headlines?

It's because one doesn't exist. The Ringer's Jason Concepcion examines why.

The "Big Kiwi" gets his own life-size mural in OKC

New Zealand artist Graham Hoete pays homage to the "Kiwi Warrior" in the Big Friendly. After the all-out assault Adams withstood in the WCF against Draymond Green, it's well deserved.