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Daily Loud Links: The Internet's Priceless Reaction To Steph Curry's New Kicks and Kevin Durant Hanging With Harden Edition

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WTLC delivers the day's top NBA news, all wrapped into one tidy little package.

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Every generation has its signature shoe. A transcendent piece of basketball brilliance that looms larger than the game and finds its way into mainstream acceptability. Fine examples include, Converse's classic Chuck Taylors, Nike's Air Jordan juggernaut and LeBron's legendary line. Now sneaker upstart Under Armour brings to you.....drumroll...... the highly anticipated Steph Curry Chef Two!

The Internet's hilarious reaction to Curry's new pumped-up kicks

NBA and pop-culture humorist Zach Harper curates some of social-media's most uproarious reactions to Curry's new loafers. Spoiler alert: Your's truly says the "Worther's Original" jab takes the cake.

Let the Durant to Houston rumors fly. Go ahead, let them.

Recently, incumbent OKC superstar Kevin Durant was spotted at an Arizona eatery with none other than the bearded one himself. What does this mean!?!? Could Durant be considering re-uniting with Harden next season?

#JamesHarden#KevinDurant#atwork ✌

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Curry struggling in the Finals.

Money, it's gotta be the shoes. SB Nation's Golden State of Mind chimes in.

Until next time hoop heads, enjoy the links and tonight's game four.