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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 32; End of season sorrows

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Searching for what went wrong against the Warriors, and looking ahead at what to expect from OKC (and Kevin Durant) in the offseason with guest JA Sherman

I already shared most of my feelings yesterday, and I also spilled my heart here for 50 more minutes with JA Sherman here, so I don't really have much to add.

Except one thing, which is thank you to everybody that has listened all year, and everybody still coming along and listening for the first time. This really was like therapy for me, and it was so much fun coming up with new ways to look at the Thunder all year. On top of that, I got to listen to points of view from all across the NBA landscape, and I feel like it only enhanced my appreciation for the NBA. It truly is the greatest sport in the world (sorry NZ, I bet rugby is still pretty dope!)

I still plan on doing these throughout the offseason, but with the finality of the season, I felt the need to express to you all how much I appreciate you letting me do this for an entire season. Plus, I'm still pretty emotional from the loss, so I'm feeling all sentimental and stuff.

Thanks for listening, I hope I've gotten better as the show has gone on, I hope you've enjoyed the shows so far, and we'll talk soon!

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