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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 29; Manu was over the line though

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WTLC's Cray Allred joins the show to revisit the whacky ending to Game 2 and look ahead at what to expect for the rest of the series vs. the Spurs.

Pretty much all anyone can talk about following the Oklahoma City Thunder's huge game 2 road win over the San Antonio Spurs is the crazy ending. It's understandable, though, because so much happened that you really could fill this fortuitous three-day break with content based on that alone.

Still, the Thunder winning one on the road against a team that only lost one game on their floor all season - to literally the best regular season team of all time -  is a major step toward becoming a real title contender. Plenty of guys shined, and it looks like Billy Donovan is at least attempting to adjust as the series goes along.

This week, WTLC's own Cray Allred rejoins the show to talk about what's working (Russ, Kiwi, Dion) and what's not (Cam Payne, small ball, also Dion) and, of course, to try and make sense of those now-infamous final 13 seconds.

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