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What went right and wrong in Game 6

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There's reason to feel positive going into Game 7, despite the Thunder losing two in a row....

Cheer up, Russ. We've got one more chance.
Cheer up, Russ. We've got one more chance.
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The Oklahoma City Thunder dropped a critical game 6 to the Golden State Warriors, losing 101-108. The Thunder held a single digit lead most of the way, but were unseated by a barrage of Golden State threes late in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, the Thunder's turnovers gave free points to the Warriors, and the offense fell apart at the wrong time. Same 'ol story.

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Reasons for the loss, and how to fix them next game

  • I can't tell you how many times I saw KD miss a wide open Waiters, Roberson or Morrow in the opposite corner. It was hard to watch sometimes. KD would take the ball into double-teams, and charge recklessly into the paint. We all saw it, and I'm not gonna harp on it, but it happened. I'd like to see KD take a few more long range shots to keep his opponents guessing.
  • Golden State really avoided long twos. In Game 5, the Warriors took 17 shots between the arc and the paint. But in Game 6, the Warriors took just 7 shots between the arc and the paint. OKC really needs to work on shutting down the three point line specifically, forcing long twos.
  • Anthony Morrow's defense was easily exploitable. It's just not worth experimenting with him at this point. With Klay Thompson out there, we need Roberson or Waiters out there to stop him at all times. Along those same lines, foul trouble for Roberson cost us big.
  • Enes Kanter needs minutes, specifically if the Warriors ever try to play Speights, Varejao, or Ezeli at center. Kanter will tear any of those guys up on offense. And none of those three Warrior bigs can set a screen good enough to make Kanter pay on defense. But if none of those three play, I wouldn't mind seeing very little Kanter.
  • Russell Westbrook wasn't as locked in on defense as he could have been. Westbrook should just chase Curry all over the floor, as far as I'm concerned.

What went right

  • Russell Westbrook settled for too many floaters during Game 5. When Westbrook settles for those short, moving shots that are meant to draw fouls, his percentage goes down. But Game 6 saw Westbrook return to his efficient zones, as he shot the majority of his shots from close to the basket or well out into mid-range. So Westbrook is taking the shots from the right places, at least.
  • Steven Adams has enough confidence on offense to score double-digits on just about every outing. That short one-handed flip shot is deadly, as is Adams' emerging spin move. Moreover, Adams continues to be reliable from the line.
  • Roberson went 5-5. Seriously, can we give this guy a wider berth on offense now?
  • The Thunder had a 7 point lead with five minutes to go. Were it not for some fantastic shooting on Golden State's end, this game would have been a victory.
  • We didn't see a lot of dumb switching, with Adams going out onto point guards and stuff like that. Generally, smaller players would chase around screens from bigs.
  • Steph Curry didn't hit a single field goal until the second quarter of Game 6.
  • Klay Thompson was 3-10 through the first quarter.
  • The Thunder continue to be the superior rebounding team, and always have the size advantage.
  • Enes Kanter had a +11 +/- ratio.

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Serge Ibaka, Kevin Durant, and Dion Waiters all led the way with double-digit contested shots. Ibaka's role was central, as he spent extended time at center. But Ibaka was also challenged at power forward, as Barnes constantly tried to exploit him. Durant was frequently the target of switches, as he wasn't quick enough to guard the three point line. And Waiters was often guarding Klay Thompson, or other Warriors in one on one situations.

A big surprise is Steven Adams, who only had 4 contested shots on the night. It speaks to Adams limited minutes, but also to the Warriors reluctance to shoot from mid-range.

Marina's Awards

Thunder Wonder: Russell Westbrook, who had the right ideas

Thunder Down Under: Andre Roberson, useful despite the foul trouble

Thunder Blunder: Kevin Durant and his poor shooting

Thunder Plunderer: Klay Thompson and his galaxy threes

Next Game: At the Golden State Warriors, Monday, May 30th, 8 PM Central Standard Time.

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