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Sounds of Thunder: Legion of Thunder IX

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Another chapter, and another cheap shot from Dirty Dray

Green is going to kill someone if the League doesn't put a stop to this.
Green is going to kill someone if the League doesn't put a stop to this.

I'm going to start this post about our old buddy, Draymond Green, or as we call him here in the real world, "Dirty Dray." Apparently a shot to Steven Adams' 'nads in game 3 wasn't enough for this clown. NOW he is going for a bigger prize, a man's life. The NBA saw fit to let Green off with a slap on the wrist for the Adam's incident with  a "stern" warning that if he crossed the line one more time, he would be suspended. Well, he crossed that line:

Isn't it  simply amazing that this clown always seems to flail in the most damaging direction possible?

Low, middle, high or feet, nuts, head to be more exact.

Green knows that with one more flagrant call he sits, and yet he continues to thumb his nose at Kiki VanDeWeghe, the NBA's executive vice president of basketball operations and the NBA as a whole. He has no regard for the safety of his fellow athletes whatsoever, otherwise he would have corrected that flailing leg. The leg and foot are not uncontrollable and the fact is that Green has turned his leg and foot into a weapon that he controls and unleashes whenever it suits his purpose.

I forwarded Royce Young's tweet to the NBA and I would hope that Mr. Young had the good sense to do likewise and I urge everyone to do the same. Open the NBA home page, go to the bottom, on the left there is a link labeled "Contact US," use it. This guy is going to hurt someone and I mean hurt them permanently if the NBA doesn't take a stand and put a stop to this reckless behavior. Maybe if enough fans complain about Draymond Green, Mr. VanDeWeghe will grow enough balls to do something about him. If not, he can borrow Steven Adams' set. They are currently in safe keeping in a jar in his locker just in case Green finds yet another reason to start flailing away.... and you can bet the house on it, he will.