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Sounds of Thunder: Russell Westbrook Named to the All-NBA First Team!!! Finally.

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A season after being compared with one the all-time greats in NBA history, Westbrook has finally taken his place among the stars.

When You Wish Upon a Star, Dreams  Do Come True.
When You Wish Upon a Star, Dreams Do Come True.

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook was named to his first All-NBA First Team this morning and there is really only one thing I can say about that. "It's about damn time!"

When Kevin Durant purposely saved Russell Westbrook as the last teammate he spoke about in his now famous MVP acceptance speech, did the NBA, or the rest of the world for that matter, think that KD called Russell Westbrook an MVP-caliber player just for show!?!

I know you guys think I forgot Russ. But I could speak all night about Russell. An emotional guy who will run through a wall for me. I don't take it for granted. There's days when I just want to tackle you and tell you to snap out of it sometimes, but I know there's days when you want to do the same thing with me. I love you, man. I love you. A lot of people put unfair criticism on you as a player and I'm the first to have your back, man, though it all. Just stay the person you are. Everybody loves you here. I love you. I thank you so much, man. You make me better. You know, your work ethic, I always want to compete with you. I always want to pull up in the parking lot of the arena, or the practice facility, and if you beat me there I was always upset. I always wanted to outwork you. You set the bar. You set the tone. Thank you so much, man. Thank you. You have a big piece of this. You're an MVP-caliber player. It's a blessing to play with you, man.
Kevin Durant -  MVP acceptance speech, May, 2014

Personally, I was shocked when Russell wasn't named 1st team last season. Now I am the first to admit, when it comes to Russell, the Thunder colored glasses are on full display but the man did things last year not seen since Oscar Robertson played... The Big O!!!

They used to say, " Did you hear? Russell Westbrook got a triple-double tonight..." and the response was "WOW!". Now they say, "Hey, Westbrook got another triple-double tonight," and the response is, "Aaand?" He is so good he has made a season benchmark stat  his SOP (standard operating procedure). He was just 2.2 rebounds per game shy of averaging a triple-double for the season.

HOLD UP!! That last good. Let me try that again.

Russell Westbrook was only 2.2 rebounds per game away from averaging a triple-double for an entire season. A feat that has only been accomplished one time in NBA history by who else..."The Big O."

Russell has amassed 18 triple dubs this season, matching Magic Johnson's highest career total set 34 years ago!! Second only to that man again... Oscar Robertson. Russ had 11 last year, 9 AFTER the All Star break!!! That is 27 triple doubles in his last 124 games!! Twenty-two percent!!!

That means that if you play the Thunder 5 times, Russell Westbrook is going to hang one triple double on your butt..... and he's probably going to get close in the other 4 games! That is how good he is. He has made the words "triple double" synonymous with the name "Russell Westbrook."

Westbrook finished with the third most first place votes (120) behind Stephen Curry (129) and LeBron James (125). I have a question. When did this vote take place, and did any of the voters see Tuesday's game? YES, another triple double from Mr. Triple Double Inc., Russell Westbrook!

Congrats Russell, this award is long.... long...overdue.