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Sounds of Thunder: Oklahoma City Thunder turn back Golden State Warriors' assault on Chesapeake Arena

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Legion of Thunder VIII, the epic saga continues.

Only one victory stands between Coach Billy Donovan's Oklahoma City Thunder and the NBA Finals. If you have been following along, you know I have done a series of off the wall YouTube videos based on the Thunders' playoff run. I keep telling myself, "okay, this is the laaaaaast one" but the struggles of the regular season have turned to such a post-season triumph for O-Billy Wan, I mean, Coach Billy Donovan that I just can't seem to find an ending... much like the Thunder's season.

The doubters said the Thunder would get past Dallas, but Donovan would be no match for the San Antonio Spurs' Greg Popovich. The Thunder may win one, two games if they were lucky  and then wait for Kevin Durant to pack his bags and leave OKC for better championship prospects. I recall one expert saying it would require a Herculean run in the playoffs to convince KD to re-sign, and the idea for doing "Legion of Thunder" videos was born.

To say that Donovan has followed the coaching road less traveled this season would be an understatement, but through it all, I sensed there was a method to the madness. A dramatically different approach to a desperate situation, a single season to prove to one of the games best players of all time that Oklahoma City was his best option. From lottery team to the promised land in just 14 months does sound like a fairy tale doesn't it so without further ado, I humbly offer the next episode of "The Legion of Thunder."