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Watch Warriors' Draymond Green commit flagrant-1 foul on Steven Adams; possible suspension?

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Draymond Green committed a flagrant-1 on Steven Adams. Could Green be suspended for his action?

via TNT

During the Thunder's convincing win over the Warriors in game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, controversy once again bubbled to the surface. With 5:57 to go in the 2nd quarter, Draymond Green was fouled by Steven Adams on a shot attempt, and Green reacted this way to the foul:

In the aftermath, the debate is divided over whether the kick was intentional, and if the latter, if it could warrant a suspension for the Warriors' All-Star forward. Here is Steven Adams discussing the incident:

As a reminder, this is what Green did to Adams in game 2:

Green unsurprisingly contends that it was inadvertent:

Warriors coach Steve Kerr believes that the flagrant-1 foul might actually be rescinded:

While Russell Westbrook believes the facts speak for themselves:

Complicating things even further, the Cavaliers' Dahntay Jones was suspended for one game following a similar strike.

WTLC's R.K. Anthony thinks the event is self-evident:

Green went for Adams with his knee to begin with. Just like he did in game 2. When Adams was too far away he actually reset his feet and nailed him. Then immediately feigns innocence. The sign of a pro nut buster if I ever saw one. He knew what to do and just exactly how to act afterward. Unfortunately that Vine footage shows the double attempt as clear as day.

Which way will the NBA rule on this matter? The decision could have massive ramifications.

Either way, Adams will be ready for what's next.