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How to watch Thunder games with radio commentary from Brian Davis and Michael Cage

National TV is the worst. Here's how to keep listening to your favorite Thunder homers.

Our boys!
Our boys!
Fox Sports Oklahoma

If you're a Thunder-head like me, you love the coverage put together by Fox Sports Oklahoma. Brian Davis is exciting, and has witnessed the entire history of the team. Classic calls of his like "chicken salad out of chicken something else" and "rattlesnake jam" have become legendary. Michael Cage, in his second year, brings energy and exuberance to the team. Cage is just as much of a fan as you are, but he's not in your face biased like some color guys from bigger cities. And I'll always love Cage's use of the word "riverboat gambler".

Most importantly though, Davis and Cage are always focused on the game. Sure, there's a few laughs here and there. But once the basketball is in play, these guys are all business. Davis has the eyes of a hawk, while Cage can interpret plays from the player's perspective. Furthermore, they've got the work of some great statisticians to display. Every few minutes there's usually a stat put on screen or mentioned by Davis that really puts things into perspective. And I'd be remiss to forget about the interviews given by the affable Lesley McCaslin.

Unfortunately, Fox Sports Oklahoma does not have the rights to broadcast any game beyond the first round. So when the Thunder face off with the Spurs tomorrow night, you're going to be forced to watch national coverage. National coverage teams vary widely. Some are good. But others are downright awful, frequently going off on tangents that have nothing to do with the game. I understand that national games are meant for a broader audience, but why do the egos of the broadcasters have to be on such prominent display?


You can still watch the games with your friends from Fox Sports Oklahoma, plus the illustrious Matt Pinto! The rest of the playoffs will be broadcast by the Thunder radio network in Oklahoma. Click here for a list of stations. If you don't live in Oklahoma, you still have options! Go to the NBA's official league pass site and purchase a live audio package. That should give you access to the Thunder radio network broadcast.

Once you have the Thunder radio network audio, all you have to do is sync it with the video feed that you're watching. There's a handy guide on how to do that from The Underwhelming Blog. The guide is written for Windows computers, and assumes you own a radio. If you are using a Mac, the guide is still helpful because Macs still use VLC media player.

And if you're using audio league pass rather than radio, just use this simple program called Radio delay. It will delay whatever audio feed you're playing in your browser, allowing you to sync it with whatever video you're watching.

Enjoy your rattlesnake jam, Thunder moneyballs, and riverboat gamblers!