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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 28; Thunder/Spurs Mega-Preview with Pounding the Rock

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JR Wilco, G.M. of SB Nation's Pounding the Rock, joins the show to preview the Thunder/Spurs Round 2 showdown and predict a winner.

With the West suddenly more up-for-grabs than expected, the matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs has become even more intriguing. The winner of this series will either face a huge underdog in the Portland Trail Blazers (because, come on, there's no way the Clippers are saving themselves there), or a not-quite-as-invincible-now-that-Steph-is-hurt Golden State Warriors.

Both teams would be foolish to look ahead, of course, because Thunder/Spurs has become an increasingly tense rivalry over the past few years. Although, as my guest points out, the history between the two teams isn't as robust as you may think. Speaking of my guest, if you've ever set foot in enemy territory at Pounding the Rock, you've surely seen the work of the G.M. behind it all, J.R. Wilco. On top of writing, he also hosts a podcast called Superfluous Poppycock (he'll explain), so he obviously had a lot to say in regards to this matchup.

We covered just about everything: Tim Duncan's possible final run. why Spurs fans hate Russell Westbrook, which Spurs will defend Russell Westbrook, Steven Adams and David West's inevitable fight, Kawhi vs. KD, the importance of Dion Waiters, the role of the benches, Postseason Pop, and more. Lastly, neither of us is very fond of making predictions, but we did it anyway.

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