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WTLC and Fanvana are creating the perfect Thunder playoff experience

With the Thunder locked in a 1st round playoff battle, how are you following all the action?

If you've been part of our WTLC community for a while, you know us not only for our Thunder reporting and extensive analysis of the team and its journey to win a title, but also for the balance between our reportage and the fun, light-hearted way that we incorporate video, Photoshop, and gif creation. I think it's a great balance between the fun of enjoying the NBA community coupled with helping us all be better and smarter fans.

One person who shares this same viewpoint is my friend Swetha Prabhakar, who is the founder and CEO of the company Fanvana. Fanvana is a local sports community for long distance fans on mobile. WTLC and Fanvana both share a common vision to connect fans of teams like the Thunder wherever they may be.

Because of our shared perspective, we're going to be working together to help build our community both on site as well as in the mobile space. As of today SB Nation does not have a proprietary mobile app, and some of the apps available leave much to be desired. Fanvana is rapidly filling in the space to give fans like us exactly what we need to stay connected when the Thunder play, and our WTLC editorial team is going to be working to help develop that mobile community.

We invite you to join us by downloading the Fanvana app, either from the Google Play store for Android, or the Apple App Store for your iPhone. We have created a dedicated channel for our readers, called @WTLC.

I could try to describe the Fanvana app, but you really need to experience it for yourselves. Join us tonight as we head into game 3 between the Thunder and Mavericks, and let's continue to build our community together!